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The Ranging Concept

The word ranging is a code word for almost all outdoor recreation and activities.

Tourism is for outsiders, visitors from anywhere; ranging is for outsiders and residents.

It is combined:

... but it is also a name of a major concept that may be created and that seems essential for its long-term benefits to the people and environment of the region ... later the world.

When someone says "I'm in real estate" it means that they have one of many possible roles - secretary, sales, construction, supervision, computing, marketing, maintenance, legal issues, regional analyses, etc. Real estate is the phrase for the over-arching or inclusive concept. Just like that phrase, ranging is the word for both the activity and all of the associated activities.
The ranging industry
Ranging is a similar broad word. When you're "in" or "doing" ranging, then you may be participating in an outdoor activity, working in one of the indoor or outdoor enterprises of Rural Business or participating in the hundreds of ways that citizens support and encourage activities for their own good, that of the county and regions, and for future good folks. It's a broad idea like "outdoor recreation" and it includes taking care of the land so that outdoor activities are pleasant and lasting. It includes the work of Rural Business.

The well managed
environment for ranging
Ranging unifies dispersed outdoor recreation and many related activities. It is more than just a bunch of activities. It is also the dynamic enterprises and agencies (e.g., Rural Business) working to develop the ecological and environmental conditions and services for lasting profitability of such activities. Not just a word with new useage, highly successful ranging is dependent on region-wide natural-resource development and management that provides employment, a tax base, and improving quality of life for citizens of the region. Rural Business can become the home of this concept and its development. It can become a favorable topic by which the region becomes well known.

Briefly, ranging is:

Tourism seems to be needed and it has been a positive economic element of some communities. However, we have seen many such areas throughout the world but we also know of many failures and struggling families who have taken bad advice. The Rural Business concept of ranging and its formulation is so different that it cannot be recognized as any current form of tourism, ecotourism, or various other related activities. Thus it has required a new name. We have a formulation for success that includes a key idea that ranging includes many different year-around activities and opportunities. These are activities for tourists and other participants, but also for local people and there is widespread related employment opportunity. It includes the concept of land and structures restoration and preservation, then long-term management and care. It is a dynamic among people, the land and environment, managerial expertise and active staff, and marketing, leading to profits and reduced taxes. The financial gains support the activities as well as a sophisticated managerial system for the land.

Many of the activities proposed within Rural Business can and should be considered ranging. Largely concentrating on private lands and their resources, it may also use at first other local resources such as those of the Jefferson and George Washington National Forests and the New River, Claytor, Smith Mountain, and Norris Lake.

Other materials on ranging developments are available as is a note. A larger file of material may be studied as well as each of the enterprises described herein.

Consider studying elements in the Table of Contents for further clarification and applications.

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