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An International Cross-Country Relay Race

An internationally famous cross-country training area and system is proposed. Athletes will stay, use the designed trails with different levels of difficulty and staged improvement, gain education and strategies, and gain personal coaching from world-class runners.

Weekend runs and special training are programmed.

Annually, there will be held the Tetra, a cross-country timed relay race. The course is designed as a tetrahedron with the vertex high in the mountain. The race has profound strategic dimensions because each of the four runners must run 3 equi-distant "triangular" distances or any combination of linked distances (any three sequential sides of the tetrahedron) and no runners on a team can use more than 2 of the same spans (any one side of a triangle). All runners start at the same time, but all may take any route they desire (previously announced). Each team member is posted at a point on the vertex of the tetrahedron. All start at the same time and place. They are competing, but mostly within themselves and with another individual only to the extent that another runner takes exactly the same course in the same sequence.

Knowledge of the route is important but not essential. A small electronic baton is carried (under development) and runner location can be followed by radio and GPS. Observers gather at 4 points along the route at Designated points (where post-race events are usually held.)

Timing of events at all 4 vertices is electronic and radioed to all 4 vertices.

Each relay team specifies the vertex where their race will end. This announcement is final and made 1 week before the race. Observers may decide on the "best" vertex for their observations and participation in the race.

Pre-race seminars for joggers are held.

Publications about cross-country racing, jogging, health, the natural resource relations symbolized in the tetrahedron, the message of synergistic effects in the world environmental management, local marketing, name recognition, publicity, community enhancement, and stabilizing facility occupancy ... these are dimensions of this potentially profitable enterprise that "gently" uses the resources present and brings others to learn of the Rural System Concepts.
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