Rural System, Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

The Pivots
A Citizens-of-the-Region Organization

Pivots is an organization for everyone in the region and, later, everyone interested in the activities, operation, and successes of Rural System, Inc. In addition to most citizens of the counties, many visitors and others are expected to join.

A charter membership of at least 5,000 people is anticipated. It costs $25 per person per year. Membership supports the development and growth in effectiveness of Rural System, Inc., an investment in their county and region, but it also provides members many benefits including:

  1. A newsletter and access to the Pivots web-site
  2. Notices of several occasional meetings each year
  3. Membership materials: caps, Tee-shirts, flags, mugs, embroderied emblems
  4. Outdoor clothing discounts
  5. Outdoor equipment and product discounts
  6. Outdoor and nature book lists with discounts
  7. Discounts on memberships in The Foresters and The Wildland Walkers
  8. Discounts on Avi course entrance fees
  9. Discounts when purchasing art, photographs, and sculptures
  10. Discounts on 2 announced tours a year
  11. Discounts on registration fees for contests and participating in events
  12. Discount for registration at an annual meeting
  13. Priority access to land management consulting and management service
  14. An annual financial membership rebate or award based on total annual profits of Rural System, Inc.

The "rebates" provide widespread personal incentives for the people of the county and Rural System, Inc. to "do well."

Development cost: $40,000


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