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The International Program
Of Rural System, Inc.

The Rural System Concept can be viewed as a concept for private lands of the region, and, once perfected and demonstrated, one to be offered (with modifications and adjustments) to other landowners around the world. Part of the concept is to encourage international guests and visitors and to build a strong, solid base of personal attachment to the land, staff, and concepts being implemented. People need not only to see but to become involved in activities of the land.

International projects of special interest include:

Experts will be invited to assure that the best advice is available for operations. Modest efforts can go far to gain great advances from international experts in ecology. Experts in Russia and Scandinavia have knowledge of conifer systems, for example.

Scientists from areas in Mexico having similar ecological conditions will be invited to observe and advise. The V-Paradigm (manuscript available) will be suggested and discussed for later implementation in Mexico and Senegal, then other countries where it may be useful. Pasture and range management will be highlighted.

Agroforestry is widely promoted for developing countries, but also for ecological and sustainability reasons. Demonstration areas for practices already well-studied and reported (e.g., walnuts and honey locusts) will be created. These will be fully operational for food supplies for guests and employees as well as for demonstration purposes. Reports of area biodiversity (several measures) will be made, showing national and the world context of the Pivotal Tracts biodiversity.

A publication will describe a world-class solid waste disposal system in operation, including GIS site selection and composting.

Competency, the proposed testing enterprise will be promoted for international use.

The Rural Knowledge Base, where possible, will expand to gain access to translations and the international literature.

Language students will be recruited for translation services. Intensive Spanish classes combined with wildland work will be offered and creating a Peace Corps training center will be investigated.

A series of radio programs in Spanish, perhaps a radio station, needs to be created to assist in spreading the massages of the Concept throughout the region, especially in Mexico. Growing trade with Mexico and the needs for improved resource management throughout the region may open opportunities for truly significant positive rural area change. Having a Rio de Janeiro call for action from women toward sustainable and equitable development may be an outcome of our communication and something suggesting success of our outreach. We propose to develop local strategies to address such a call, including that of radio communication and education. The word "education" is used loosely. Specifically we mean making significantly different changes in behavior and its effects on human health, perpetual land use, and expressed perceptions of the quality of life.

This enterprise is proposed to start in Year 5 with several natural resource specialists and office support. Income is from tours, local and international, and publications. Other income is from research and development project fund overhead. The enterprise supports the Rural Knowledge Base and others.

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