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The Groups (or Divisions)
of Rural System, Inc.

Herein I've provided the rationale for a complex organization for people and land, a community, a total but penultimate system. The parts of that corporation, Rural System, Inc. are listed here with a link to each one. (Suggestions and comments are requested.)

One person has compared the following list as a "buffet" spread before the citizens of a region of Virginia or Tennessee and the task is to select some of them, point to, "taste" and eventually formulate a practical collective, integrated unit that matches well with the interests, talents, and known people and circumstances of the region and the vision now held for it. It is well known that all units will not be selected. It is also known that picking fewer that 10 will not likely work. System Central is expensive, but it must be one of the units selected fairly early in the process for the new conglomerate. Then with an expert manager for each unit, well supported by System Central, they can, all together, do good work and grow into the full system. One person's suggestion for how to get started is presented. There are many more ways and we hope that they will be discussed.

A company that works for the county

System Central

Proposed Office-Based Groups

  1. Dogwood Inns - inns developed in homes nearby
  2. The Realtor Group - automated property analyses for assisting in sale or purchase
  3. Camps - existing camps, and new ones; youth and adult, and writers' camps
  4. The Memorials Group - providing a variety of awards and memorial services
  5. Pivots - an organization for everyone in the communities and all of their activities
  6. Nature Folks - organization for people interested in nature (with the following units)
  7. Coyote - interest in the wild dogs of the world, particularly the coyote, all aspects
  8. The Owls Group - night tours, publications, research, general interests
  9. Prospectors - tours, publications, web site, geology and mineral interests
  10. The Plant People - plant collection, wildflower gardens, seasonal-change maps
  11. The Butterfly Band - insect identification, collections, field trips; bee keeping
  12. The Wildland Knowledge Base - commercial library searches on natural resources
  13. The Foresters - an organization for people interested in all aspects of modern forestry
  14. The Tours Group - local, regional , and international field trips, commercial tours
  15. The Products Group - arranges for production and sale of products (suggested list available)
  16. Outfits- design and testing of outdoor clothing
  17. The Sculptors- primarily a woodcarvers' group
  18. The Software Group - federal software collection, applications, and programming
  19. GPSence - goecashing sport, sales, training and service of GPS and related units
  20. Inquire: The Unified Laboratory - a multi-purpose laboratory serving many enterprises
  21. The Energy Group - energy conservation, production, alternative sources
  22. The Safety and Security Group - rural security patrols, security equipment, safety inspections and services
  23. Belles and Whistles - auto mechanical education, primarily for women and youths
  24. Fire Force - landscape analyses, computer analyses, "hotshot" fire crew
  25. Competency - field-based performance-assurance for natural resource specialists
  26. System Base - system promotion and extension of services to corporate and other members; part of System Central

Total suggested for consideration - 26

Most of the above are enterprise units that can be operated without contracts with private landowners. While recruiting private landowners and developing their lands for profitable uses is an important activity of Pivotal-Rig, Inc., the enterprise will offer services to any landowner and will operate many organizations (merely with one or more offices within the region). Some of the activities of these groups will first be conducted on National Forest land, then others on private lands of the greater enterprise.

Outdoor-Based Groups

A major component of the proposed conglomerate is that the corporation brings certain private lands of the region under a specialized contract and uses them for profitable developments in the other interconnected units of the enterprise. These are called Pivotal Tracts and the related enterprises for these lands and waters as well as contract work are:

  1. The Forest Group - total forestry system
  2. The Certification Group - Smartwood certification as a sustained forest with products
  3. The Trevey - a dynamic land use planning system
  4. Walnut Vales - walnot wood, nut-meats, and other products
  5. The Deer Group - total deer management system, guides, year-around system, damage controls
  6. The Fishery - total system with ponds, lakes, wetlands, and streams divisions
  7. The Raccoon Group - single species system, fur management
  8. The Black Bear Group - tours, management, research system
  9. The Bobcat Group - monitoring, tours, fur, organization within Nature Folks
  10. Official Avi- the new sport of bird watching (with golf-like courses)
  11. The Wild Turkey Group - hunting, life-list building, total system
  12. The Covey - a bobwhite quail system
  13. The Dog Group- shows, dog training, field trials, wild-dogs of the world interest
  14. The Pest Force- vertebrate pest damage management
  15. The Wildland Crew - adult good work on good projects for fun and fitness
  16. The 4 x 4 Group - vehicle interest, education, community service
  17. Under the Hood - an auto/trucks group
  18. Wildland Walkers - hiking and camping group
  19. The River Runners - a group concentrating on all aspects of local rivers and on watershed analyses
  20. The Tree Tops - an organization and activities for the sport of tree climbing
  21. Novosports - development and promotion of new outdoor games and sports
  22. The Wilderness Group - using and studying ancient forests
  23. Stoneworms - a trail building group
  24. The Stables- pastures, rentals, trail rides, horse health, wildlife and horses
  25. The Fence Group- production of specialized local fences; fencing systems
  26. The Pasture and Range Group - pasture and range management systems
  27. The Gardens Group - system of many small flower and vegetable gardens
  28. The Vineyards of Craig - grape area selection and growing of various types
  29. Viewscapes - scenic analyses and viewscape management
  30. The Goats System - dairy goat system, milk, cheese, hides, services, health
  31. The Rabbit Group - dispersed rabbit raising units; centralized marketing
  32. The Pivotal Geese Flock - a system of many goose flocks

Total suggested for consideration - 31
The system total is 57 units or parts, sub-systems ... each described in the pages to which you may link by clicking on any of the above topics.

Suggestions for improvements are welcomed.

Ideas may be submitted at any time.

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