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Future Options
Plans for the Plan

Ideas for future work on Trevey and related actions

  1. Improved site descriptions, especially of soils, geology, and biotic communities
  2. Concepts of validation and verification will be present in a later report.
  3. Ground water maps, especially of water related to furbearer populations
  4. Planting schedule maps
  5. Developing "Scores" and mechanisms for them for quality of an area to help biologists, managers, and the public seek improved scores for their wildlife area
  6. Sub-watershed analyses (e.g,. to aid in dam and culvert design)
  7. Adding Best Management Practices text to the system and having relevant sections added to the report
  8. Adding a gully-control design package for those difficult places on the wildlife area
  9. Stream analysis
  10. Adding a section on pond design and management (e.g. for ponds identified by Landsat)
  11. Adding a grazing potential section, showing yields and consequences of improved pasture- range-land developments on turkey, deer, and other resources
  12. Economic analyses of costs of reclamation per unit of changed wildlife, peak flow, runoff, sediment
  13. Energy budget concepts - improved management in an increasingly energy-short world
  14. Site development simulation, i.e. answers to "what if I put a shopping center at site x,y?", or "what if I reshape and revegetate the abandoned mine at site p,q?" expressed in terms of the area analysis e.g. animal species change, runoff, sediment, peak flow, ground water quality index, watershed score, and yields - consequence tables
  15. Prescriptions, based on linear programming and other optimization procedures, for a set of actions to secure most cost effectively (money and energy) the highest citizen-weighted set of benefits over 50 years in an area (Giles 1977).

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