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Fund Sources

Department of Energy Keep abreast of potential sources of financing for sustainability projects in this expanded section. For more information on funding issues in general, visit our financing section at

Laura Jane Musser Fund Environmental/Community Initiative The Laura Jane Musser Fund encourages communities - whether represented by local governments, state agencies or grass roots nonprofit organizations - to use a consensus-based approach to environmental decision-making. The Fund will consider requests that propose a process or initiative in a rural or non-urban community that develops a stewardship program through a consensus-based approach with the goal of preserving and managing a significant natural resource, or uses a consensus-based approach to resolve an environmental issue or dispute. The Fund is willing to consider grants of up to $35,000 for eligible programs. Proposals are due September 15, 2003.

EPA State Innovation Grant Program The Environmental Protection Agency announces its intent to request proposals for the FY03/04 State Innovation Grant Program. In addition, EPA seeks input from State Environmental Regulatory Agencies on the topic areas for the solicitation. Guiding principles will include: Strengthening EPA's innovation partnerships with States and Tribes, focusing on priority environmental areas (GHG, smog, water, waste water efficiency), diversifying environmental protection tools and approaches, and fostering "innovation- friendly" systems. The RFP is expected to open in early to mid-August.
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