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The Coyote Group
A Wild-Canid System

Coyote is the name of an enterprise related to the coyote and wild canids such as the wolves and foxes. There is a vast interest in dogs, both wild and domestic, by US citizens. There are some 57 million dog pets. This enterprise concentrates on the wild dogs, the coyotes and foxes of the region, and then others in the dog family elsewhere worldwide. The Dogs Group concentrates on pet, domestic, and hunting dogs. Like The Owls Group, the enterprise is devoted to superior population management, to studies, and to increasing net benefits from the canid resource.

fox kit on Va Tech land 1956
Red fox kit.

The activities, similar to the other enterprises associated with Nature Folks, include:

  1. Newsletter and web site connections
  2. Membership
  3. Field observation trips
  4. Photo opportunities
  5. Use of predator calls
  6. Use of electronic calls
  7. Publications - life history
  8. Publications - pest damage management
  9. Night call-up trips
  10. Memorials and honoraria
  11. Use of night-vision equipment
  12. Tours to see the canids of the U.S., and also the world
  13. Sponsor of a canid life-list organization, one whose members attempt to see and photograph all of the wild dogs of the world.

Coyote can be a powerful resource of the region and major contributions can be made by it to the resource base of Rural System, Inc.. The Rural System, Inc. concept includes that of net benefits and the coyote represents potential losses in the deer populations, and several other system components. The losses are present among deer, game and avian resources, and livestock. Seeing and hearing coyotes is part of the outdoor experience. They can reach unregulated, high numbers and therewith may impinge upon other resources.

This enterprise will take night-time truck and bus tours for guests into the wilds. They will hear and experience the coyotes and foxes. Binoculars, telescopes, and night-vision equipment will augment the views. Entertainment and education will typically cap off an exciting evening especially designed for tour groups. Memberships will be arranged; research encouraged; and potentially major advances made in ecosystem principles by a concentration on this top predator.

Occasional conferences will be held. Visits will be coordinated with other Rural System, Inc. events. Resolving the role of the coyote is unlikely. It now spreads into the East, opening new opportunities for Coyote chapters around the U.S. It will be a major topic of the Pest Force, and The Goat System. It will relate to the food management of owls, of interest to those people in The Owls Group. Research grants will be sought.


There are very low development costs ($30,000). A rented truck, benches, an electronic "caller" are about all that are needed by a group leader(s) to begin to produce these nightly trips. There are estimated annual profits of $50 x 8 visitors x 80 nights or $32,000. Each of the three variables can be manipulated readily. Repeat visits are expected. Estimates of profits to the enterprise after all incentives are awarded are:

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