Rural System. Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

A Brief Appendix

The large sums, the novelty, the doubts about coordination and cooperation, and the doubts about whether the people are available to do the work, all together have required caution. For many people, such caution has been a decision not to participate. Past small sucesses, challenge, and work for the right reasons suggested that the system will work and profits can be made. Reluctantly, knowing some major economies will be lost, I have selected and deleted many enterprises for start-up work. I've done so on the basis of their cost, difficulty and risk of success, and links to other enterprises. I'll not list the deletions; these are groups that will be delayed and are being further planned and designed. The remaining enterprises, a "scaled-down" version of the enterprise and their estimated budgets (most unchanged) are shown in Appendix Table 1. About 25% of the 55 groups have been deleted.

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