Rural System

 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

  Brown Bags

The Brown Bags of Rural System, Inc. is an enterprise devoted to profit from producing a healthful, low-cost meal for health- and weight-conscious people of the modern era.
Pickup or Delivery
A kind of fast food, the image is one of healthful rural people enjoying lunch after a good morning work or hike. It is even more relevant to the insightful business group that has called in for 6 Brown Bags for their office lunch break.

The Brown Bags are actually that, the common lunch bag full of good food. But they are more, for they may become a franchise sales outlet, another small, competitive" McDonalds."

A portion of the profits support Rural System objectives. They are a Rural System marketing technique,
Right for the modern rural

another subsystem for meeting the needs of the people of the region. They provide healthful, low cost
food in a bag. These are measured units, 667 calories, low salt, low cholesterol, amazingly well balanced for diverse food groups. They utilize the sourdough unit, create employment for producers, build a meaningful health and activity program with a new type of fast-food for the office or the hike.

Group orders for delivery to committees, the office luncheon, and active people are featured.

In addition each brown bag carries printed on or inserted:

  1. Access to Rural System, Inc. and membership in a health group
  2. Access to health books, web sites, and Rural System health-related programs and sales
  3. A health message on one side
  4. An exercise suggestion with diagram by a certified physical therapist
    Baggin' it
  5. An advertisement for one of the groups
  6. A contest for secondary uses of the bag (via the Internet)
  7. Admonition to carry leftovers out of the forest or backcountry
  8. Safety and fire prevention suggestions
  9. Calories and weight chart (with a weight-loss/weight-maintenance contest via the web)
much better than a six-pack and a 'possum

Work with nutritionists and dieticians (some at Virginia Tech and Radford University) will be featured.

Preliminary meal notes: sourdough roll in wax paper, cheese and dried pea soup "puffs", dried apples (solar dried on sites), blueberry chips (dried on sites), chip beef, popcorn, Tang packet, raisins, Rural Rounds (a hard cookie), sparkle-candy, folding paper cup, fresh orange juice in seltzer water when on site (or sales device for customers), a clean and well-polished apple, a locally made health cookie/candy bar.

Exercise list for possible sketches printed on bags
and collected images for a book for sale
(giving energy-loss relations), one for each
working day of the year, all from a chair or at the door-frame:
  • Toe up - heel up
  • Knee up(10 times)
  • Each leg far back
  • Rock side to side
  • Wrist whirls
  • Deep knee bends
  • Pushups
  • The Door-frame List (all done within any door frame),
  • Slight squat
  • Arm-extended counts
  • Tip-toe counts
Brown bagging it

Perhaps you will share ideas with me
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Maybe we can work together
... for the good of us all
... for a long time.

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