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This unit of the site is under development. It will contain a small collection of significant papers on the topic of wildlife law enforcement. The texts have been gathered and are being slowly scanned and developed as files within the Web site. Other materials are also available below to support a continuing interest in the vital field of "wildlife" or wild faunal resource system management.

See Officer notes from Virginia

The current list of list of resources:

An email listserve relating to the law was started early in 2000.

Lawjuc is an academic and research oriented list for people interested and involved in matters/activities related to Law, Justice and Criminology. This historical initiative for discussion, debate, research, awareness and advocacy is open to lawyers, former judges, human rights activists, litigants, police officials, former prisoners, paralegals, law students and teachers. The LawJuC list is designed to encourage discussion of different aspects of the Criminal Justice System, legislations, important rulings and it would also raise critical issues and would provide communication links and a space for the exchange of information among researchers, scholars, activists, writers, lawyers, academicians, journalists and professionals interested in all forms of Law, Justice, Criminology and Human Rights. Lawjuc list would also serve as a network for lawyers and researchers in discussing data sources, books, events, conferences, opportunities, legal complications and web-based information resources.

For subscription you can send a blank e-mail to:
LawJuC-subscribe@egroups.com or

See especially The Journal of International Law and Policy

See also: http://www.internationalwildlifelaw.org/index.shtml

The following note from the Journal group was e-mailed in September, 1999

From: "ASIL Wildlife Interest Group" <jiwlp@earthling.net>
ASIL Wildlife Interest Group

As part of a project to ultimately post online the national wildlife legislation of every nation, we have uploaded the first document in this series to our site: the Biodiversity Law of Costa Rica (English translation). The official Spanish text will follow in a few days. We anticipate posting the wildlife legislation of Singapore and Taiwan within the next week.

Any individuals with access to copies of national legislation (without copyright restrictions) from other nations who wish to assist on this project can send the texts to us for scanning, or conversion to Adobe PDF if you have electronic versions.

Wil Burns, Co-Chairman
American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group
PMB 805, 2124 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
Phone: 510.317.0102
Fax: 510.317.0654

A lead for forensic analyses is:
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
National Fish & Wildlife Forensic Laboratory
1490 East Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Ph. (541) 482-4191
Fx. (541) 482-4989

The Laboratory Director is Mr. Kenneth Goddard.

The website of the FBI is at www.fbi.gov

The website of the CIA is at www.cia.gov

For a list of conservation officers (wardens) who died in the line of duty there is a site.

Internet explore: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Bonn Convention

A game warden tv show is available.

Law enforcement documents of the Wildlife Refuge System might be gained from the Blue Goose site.

Environmental impact law and environmental policy work should start here.

Ideas for a wildland and rural safety and security force are now within Rural System concepts.

See Law Officer.com magazine

See Wiki Law for relevant law research work.

See Law Officer.com magazine

See Legal Careers from LexisNexis
also Legal Information from LexisNexis

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