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Caves in the area are listed below. See Karst topography and caves section.

The following cave(s) entrances (location in degrees, minutes, and seconds) occur within the minimum rectangle of the study area. We encourage refinement using GPS devices. They may be very extensive underground. You are encouraged to report other openings, follow the suggestions in the file on caves and karst topography, and get assiatance in exploring the caves, their fauna, and groundwater relations. They can be potential attractions for visitors and for gaining faunal diversity records.
Latitude Longitude Elevation Cave Name
D M S D M S    
36 41 26 82 07 01 222 Rush
36 39 59 81 56 10 198 Sink
36 38 00 81 57 37 177 Avens


9/1/15, 11 a.m.: Cave Board. At the Department of Conservation and Recreation main office, 600 East Main Street in Richmond


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