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A Note About the Origin of the SSM

In a unique combination of extension, teaching, and research, Dr. Bob Giles has worked with a consulting forester, Britt A. Boucher (Foresters Incorporated, Box 11750, Blacksburg, VA 24062-1750) and his senior wildlife class (1991) to produce a set of files that can be used with forest management plans. Foresters then could purchase the computer disk of Word files and use them separately, include them in sets of advice, or present them with management plans for wildlife on forested areas. Now the may be cut and pasted or downloaded from the web.

Giles has collected term papers and research projects by his students over many years. He believes strongly in an "on the shoulders of giants" approach to the future. Not wanting to encourage term papers to be written and discarded, he has tried (with admitted failures) to have students study the literature and build on the previous work of students. Boucher requested help and the group responded. Giles shared old files, students followed his preparation of sample files and format, and they developed files of 1-3 page papers of species-specific recommendations. Giles edited all of the manuscripts, Mark Butler and Department secretaries typed them all, and they are now available. (They were then made available at cost on computer floppy disks.)

Giles believes this alternative form of getting out useful information has advantages when funds for conventional publications are being cut. He thinks the files give foresters and others with a computer and Word an opportunity to personalize management advice, to obtain species information relevant to landowners and clients, and to develop a dynamically improving resource of practical information on managing Virginia's and related forest faunal resource.

Wikipedeia and other resources have grown to be very large since the SSM files were started (1999).

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