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Capitalizing on interest in health and exercise the NovoSports promotes new, active, diverse ways for all citizens to become non-spectators, to get out, to establish new relationships in the great outdoors. All of the proposed NovoSports are conducted outdoors (with the exception of Gamma games). Money is made from memberships (as in a health or exercise club). Caudill (1963:376) observed:
Population experts expect that by the year 2000 the number of Americans will have doubled. When this occurs, uncrowned recreational and vacation areas will be priceless. Millions of people will yearn for green and pleasant areas in which to find escape from the anxieties and tensions of competitive and crowded living. Already the supermetropolis has crept to the edge of the Southern Mountains, some four hundred miles from the rim of the plateau. The present generation of American owes to the next a positive duty to preserve the Southern highlands and to bequeath them in a useful and beneficial condition.
With these premises in mind and a preliminary youth strategy we can proceed to a consideration of how best to perform that duty.

NovoSports provides a superstructure from which a profitable generally-wildland-based recreational enterprise can be created.

This unit of Lasting Forests will:

  1. Promote trail rides and encourage observers of races.
  2. Issue licenses for backpackers.
  3. Issue licenses for hunting.
  4. Sell car camping stickers like the golden eagle "passports" used for camping on federal lands. On a window or bumper, the sticker allows camping on Designated Lasting Forests campgrounds.
  5. Operate several trailer camping facilities.
  6. Operate a variety of camps and picnic sites (rentals).
  7. Conduct nature and recreational tours.
  8. Sponsor bus trips from other areas to the region.
  9. Sponsor overnight camping for tours in tent camps.
  10. Develop amphitheaters for weekend programs for the area; 1/2 free, the other half paid "concerts" and shows (e.g., dancing, orchestras, bands, plays, amateur nights, etc.).
  11. Promote and interact with existing theaters, sport groups, and physical fitness groups.
  12. Create new games and conduct workshops and sponsor their use and playing on lands related to Lasting Forests. The region could become the experimental recreational area of the East. New games would come out with the Lasting Forests label. Rules, etc. would be published by the System. People would come to learn how to play, to experience NovoSports, for personal recreation, and a new health-related recreational enterprise would result. Schoolteachers could be brought to the area for courses and workshops on the relations among the games to integrated instructional programs in math, ecology, health, and sociology.
  13. Sponsor races, for example:

    Fees would be from participants, observers, and sales of parking, publications, food, and race-oriented purchases.

  14. Maintain associated facilities such as water, restrooms, and waste disposal.
  15. Maintain computer addresses and records.
  16. Create a recreational organization with people becoming attached to the area, learning of new games, new services, new developments, new record holders, new fee structures, and new contests (free licenses as prizes).
  17. Publish maps and regulations.
  18. Stay at the leading edge of professional outdoor recreation literature.
  19. Conduct or contract research.
  20. Coordinate and promote and assist with livestock, forestry, camps, trails, systems, wildlife, fisheries, youth systems, health, and architectural groups.
  21. Investigate insurance programs and seek novel approaches.
  22. Provide for urbanites increasingly frustrated by the humdrum of city life. As the NovoSports unit matures, it will advertise a personalized recreation service for a person or family. Based on an extensive measurement instrument, a complete vacation and year-long recreational plan will be produced.

We shall contact doctors and psychiatrists and make our therapeutic recreational experiences and vacations available. We shall employ a physical therapist specializing in executive class, white-collar health problems.

Example of a new project within the NovoSports unit

Great World Ball

Great world ball is a diverse game for all ages played with a giant 8-foot diameter rubber or plastic ball typically covered with deer and goatskin. It is played in a 100-meter diameter circular field. There is an "equator" centerline and north and south poles. Two teams face each other and the ball and, on signal from the "tender" (the referee), try to push the ball to touch the competing team's pole. The game is one of strength, dexterity, stamina as well as strategy because "outside" becomes a competing force as the ball is pushed nearer to a pole. It is definitely a team sport. It can be a spectator sport, but participation of everyone is encouraged. It can be played in any season, indoor or out, any weather.

The game may be played by a single person (against time) pushing the ball around the field lines in a figure-8 pattern starting at the center of the "equator."

Otherwise, pairs up to hundreds of people of any age may play. It can be played by people in wheel chairs or by those with actual or imposed limitations (e.g., one-arm only).

The symbolism, lest it be missed on anyone, is that the total world, at least the world of the region, must be worked with vigorously and craftily to achieve goals. It must be done within legal and ecological constraints and rules. Teamwork is needed. Unusual events occur due to combined forces. Outlaws produce team losses. We can compete for mutual pleasure, health, and satisfaction.

An additional Note and description are available.

See notes for the Estimator Game area.

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