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Rural System
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This site of Robert H. Giles, Jr. is devoted to improving rural, wildland, and natural resource management by providing useful information, concepts, ideas, and links for students, practitioners, and landowners. It is not a commercial site. Its current intensive work is in entrepreneurial conservation and, to this end, designs and promotes development of a new diverse rural resource enterprise called Rural System, Inc. A URL has been purchased ( and a draft Business Plan prepared for that private natural resource company.

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This site is diverse and has over 1000 files. I hope that you will be pleased with some of the content (link to it in the box to the right).

Rural System presents an alternative paradigm in rural land management, one which holds that a total system, if of proper size and managed very well, can be sustained and made profitable into perpetuity. Its working premise is that only a profit motive (or self-sustaining financial motive) for a complex, modern, private rural natural-resource-related enterprise can assure such superior management for long. The paradigm (synonymous with the proposed enterprise name) is beginning to take form to improve the way that related natural resources, particularly forests, wildlife, the fishery, and pastures and rangelands are managed, protected, in some cases restored, developed, and used now and for the future. It is both site-specific (the forest stand or ownership) and regional.

An Internet-connected group of human communities is being developed to share ideas, encouragement, advice, information and achieve things undreamed bI (before the Internet). The Quilt, an e-club addresses the concerns of people in small, struggling communities and attempts to relate well to employment, taxation, natural resource, ecotourism, and health issues. It has no church or religious body affiliation. Ideas and contacts are requested.

Intensive use of computers to improve land use decisions does not mean that there is no one on the other end of this electronic message. Just write to me at any time.

A CD of my edited essays Peculiar Manor, is now available. The CD is compatible with standard E-book Readers. It is not compatible with the non-standard Microsoft Reader. To order a pre-release copy, send a check for $19.95 to
Shepherd Media Engineering
111 Pheasant Lane
Summerville, South Carolina 20485

For this initial offer, the price includes postage and handling fees. South Carolina residents should include 3% Sales Tax.

Parts of the enterprise exist only as design documents. Units of Lasting Forests may become a units of the planned web-related enterprise serving many units of the greater Rural System, Inc. enterprise. I hope that you will participate in developing the total system. It is likely to be good work for the right reasons with success that will be measured, in part, by financial gains over the longrun within the greater enterprise.

I also hope that you will be a frequent user of these resources and that we may correspond by email for their improvement. I welcome your feedback to the materials here. Your input helps me continually improve and refine my efforts and make the web site and documents more useful to others.

Please tell others about the site.

Rural System concepts re-designed for Marie Cirillo and the Woodland Community Trust of Clairfield, Tennessee - Project Pivotal-Rig

Rural System, Inc. concepts designed, edited, and expanded for Rural Nelson, citizens interested in maintaining the rural character of Nelson County, Virginia

The Pivotal Project submitted to the Industrial Development Agency, Craig County, Virginia

Special Addition
The Draft Business Plan for Rural System, Inc.
and the
Design document.

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