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Characteristics of Good Letters

Letters are personal, one-to one correspondence but they communicate the image of the enterprise. Thus, they are very much a part of the public relations efforts of the eneteprise. They are difficult to write well. The following suggest the characteristics to which we all should tend in all of our professional letter writing:

      504 Rose Avenue
    Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
    January 22, 2001
    Mr. A.B. Seay
    110 Mill Road
    Somewhere, Virginia, USA

    Dear Mr. Seay:

    Text of letter
    Text with link to a future time and/or place to assure continued affiliation or new opportunities.
      Sincerely yours,
    Robert H. Giles, Jr.
    Position or Affiliation
    Chief Advisor
  1. Proper style and format on quality, clean paper with recycle seal

  2. Proper evaluation of adressee
  3. Objective, formal (if angry, get help in replying from a colleague)
  4. Accurate and informative
  5. Without potentials for suit; not disclosing unique or proprietary procedures
  6. References or other resources (as needed)
  7. Send a "prize" or "gift" or new brochure (especially for first contacts)
  8. Prompt reply to request or letter (even if the specific answer or reply will be delayed)

The C5 Rule of good letter writing

Make it:

See Faunal System unit.

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