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The Wildlife Group

Wildlife is difficult to define so the word has mixed connotations. To many people it means "game", but to others it means wild plants as well as songbirds and all of the animals of the forest. Some people include fish when they hear the word. Few include the creatures of the forest floor, mice, snakes, toads, frogs, crayfish, and even fewer include insects...but what about butterflies? Wildlife is a very imprecise word. Herein we are generally talking about the large wild animals. (Plants are included under The Plant People as a part of the Lasting Forests system.

Many of the underlying topics guiding The Wildlife Group are in the web site of Giles at


Therein are links to Gamma Theory, advanced wildlife resource management concepts.

Particular initial financial opportunities are seen with 5 units: Official Avi, The Wild Turkey Group, The Raccoon Group, The Deer Group, and Good Dog (using a procedure to quantify the tracking goodness of hunting hounds). You are invited to click to study any of these. Please give me a call (Bob Giles 540-552-8672) or write to me if you have questions or are interested in assisting in any way to help develop these major parts of Lasting Forests.

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