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The Wildland Crew

Not the local workers, The Wildland Crew is an ongoing wildland work experience for the modern urbanite seeking to re-connect with his or her past and the present world of hard physical work. People pay to come to the area to do meaningful work in a healthful environment. This is a special wildland type of experience that includes significant amounts of education with part of the work being on research or data collection projects in different parts of the wildland. It is highly variable but primarily involved in wildlife-related work.

Evening entertainment is typically planned. Work is phased to minimize sore muscles and to assure safety. The messages include meaningful physical work, outdoor health, genuine contributions to knowledge, understanding of conservation issues and their complexity, fun of teamwork, and the influence of work on the body and spirit. This is a seasonal camp for adults with a special dimension of hard physical work combined with education. It provides a radical change from the typical urban office stresses.

A sub-unit invites university students of wildland resources to attend to gain work experiences. Half are physical, half are analytical and descriptive. The certificate will become a valuable part of the employment resume in the future since most of the students will view the experience as a lifetime highlight. The work of The Wildland Crew is to improve the field experience base of the modern student who typically has no wildland hero or heroine and has no physical experience in the outdoors (other than hiking and camping which is largely passive and appreciative.) The students need to learn the wildland and work-world language, learn the meaning of an order, learn the amount of work that can be done in a day, and learn about the human dimensions of leadership and team work.

These are planned as year-around activities with stressful winter work being one aspect of the options available for people seeking realistic experiences. Part of the work for most crews will be conducted out of group tents set up at a work site. The conditions will be comfortable, food excellent, and evening entertainment of the campfire type planned and arranged to go along with typical stories and conversations.

A lasting membership is encouraged, social bonding, employment leads provided for the future, tales of other crew experiences, web site, new projects and invitations to work on unique team projects (a bridge in a week; a new research tower; a trail across xxx; a solar collector at zzz; a new corral at hhh)...these are parts of The Wildland Crew concept.

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