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Teams is a unit of Lasting Forests but it is an ever-changing collection of people. It is a single person who forms temporary ad hoc teams of experts and thoughtful people to attack a specific problem or develop concepts useful to the staff and performance of Lasting Forests.

Teams work is a set of intensive, planned, unique consultations. Recordings are made; dictations taken; internal reports made, but no "publications" are made without approvals. Results are used to revise computer models, change policy or plans, modify risk estimates, or explore future needs. These are usually on-site experiences in a specially equipped space for a maximum of 6 experts, a coordinator-investigator, translators, and support staff.

The teaching tips web site may be useful.

This unit works with and as part of System Central. "Production" and profits show up in enhanced profits, refined computer analyses, reduced public relations costs, and in sales of a few publications.

Estimated average annual cost...$2,000

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