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System Central

System Central is the administrative and leadership unit of the Lasting Forests. It provides the needs of each enterprise that no one of them is likely to afford alone. The unit provides much office space, accounting, payrolls, insurance and benefits, legal service, deeds and records maintenance, marketing, and transportation (a big unit with the many field units but all with irregular vehicle use). Computers are typically located with each enterprise but large systems are maintained in this unit. The Staff buys all services and supplies to achieve economies of scale. Special benefits are sought for staff members and other participants.

Objectives are stressed and clarified, coordination encouraged and maintained, progress is monitored, and feedback stressed and applied. Ideas and e-business are the products of the day. The feedforward concept is promoted within each enterprise but collective work on estimating the future and preparing for the conditions estimated is the work of this unit.

A major forest taxation unit provides services through The Trevey and other products.

A regional credit-card system is developed for gains, shared resources, and local pride in shared activity.

Education and training of personnel are commonplace in the field and within each unit. The facilities of System Central are also often used for doing this and for bringing experts to improve the unit performance. The promotion of the Gamma Game for educational purposes, the Gamma Theory graduate course (Distance learning, taught by Giles in 1999), and The Essentials of an Alternative Wildlife Resource Management, an undergraduate course in wildlife resource management, are profitable activities within the group.The teaching tips web site may be useful.

The Trevey, as well as other units are housed with System Central.

System Central sponsors the Lasting Forests Summit, an exclusive annual retreat for the emerging wildlands industry. Owners, presidents and CEOs from more than 60 companies and agencies attend this annual event. The Summit provides an ideal forum for executives to gain strategic insights, to network and to relax with other industry leaders. Topics covered include the state of the global and U.S. wildlands industries and practical advice on partnerships, marketing, planning, and acquisitions.

This unit is primarily one on the cost side of the ledger but it is essential. Major gains are expected from GIS services, products, and some extra-consulting services.

Dear friends, Every day, at, we get emails and phone calls from nonprofit organizations seeking specific resources for their work. When we talk with them, we realize that many of the resources we take for granted are still unknown to many people. To try to do something about this, we've compiled a list of the 10 sites we think every nonprofit in the US should know about. If you have a moment, please share this message with friends and colleagues so that the whole sector can benefit from these resources. Here they are:

1. At the Foundation Center provides information about every foundation in the country. Much of this information is free, but some of it is for paying subscribers only.

2. At Guidestar lists financial information for 800,000 nonprofits. You can use Guidestar for research, and you can also update your organization's entry there.

3. At has built the leading nonprofit job site in the country. In addition to jobs, you can also list events, volunteer opportunities and internships, and at you can find the most comprehensive directory of nonprofit consultants on the Web.

4. At Michael Gilbert maintains a great site with daily news updates bridging the online and nonprofit worlds. You can read the news there, or you you can subscribe for weekly email updates.

5. At the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is building a resource center with lots of great information for starting, running and funding an organization.

6. At Putnam Barber maintains the Nonprofit FAQ - an older resource center that is special because it is based on actual questions and answers posted by nonprofit managers over the years.

7. At people can find volunteer opportunities, and they can also make donations to hundreds of thousands of nonprofits. Most importantly, you can use this site to add a free Donate button to your Web site.

8. At you will find a huge site covering every aspect of volunteer management, from screening, matching, record-keeping and evaluation, to legal issues, risk management and virtual volunteering.

9. At Techsoup has built the leading resource center for all issues related to nonprofit technology. In addition, they offer steep discounts on software for nonprofits, sometimes up to 90% off the list price.

10. At people can find volunteer opportunities all over the country by ZIP code or area of interest.

Lastly, in addition to these 10 online resources, we recommend that people check out for the nonprofit state association closest to them.

Above list of 10 provided by Ami Dar, Executive Director, Action Without Borders

Acquire insurance from Nautilous Ins. Colorado, 480-951-0905 or contact any independent agent and ask if they write for The Great Divide. Great Divide will accept Wildlife Control Operators.

Estimated development costs..$300,000

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