Sustained forests; sustained profits

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We propose to produce several books about Lasting Forests, partially as an advertising ploy, partially to build conspicuousness and respects within natural resource groups. We'll use the past work of employees to produce brochures and pamphlets.

An active website (the present one) and newsletter ,the Peat Pots,will be maintained as alternative publishing media.

We'll review resource books and gain modest income from commissions and try to form profitable relations with Barnes and Noble, Borders, Bookseller, JustWritten, Softbook Press, with Books-2-read, and others.

A quick-publish relationship may be explored. (Through, you can upload any documentation from your computer directly to their printing center. They do the rest. You choose paper, printing, binding, and cover options and you can see what the final product will look like before printing -- all on your computer screen. Orders are usually delivered within 24 to 48 hours to anywhere FedEx goes.)

Materials for distance learning may be prepared.

Materials for shortcourses and workshops may be prepared.

Advertising materials (e.g., equivalent-measure pocket cards) and deer weight tapes may be prepared.

Alternative sales of Giles' Forest Faunal Systems, The Dickenson Departure, The Nature of Business, Getting Hitched (a book about hitches and knots), and The Didactron may be explored.

By contracting with local publishers/printers, further regional enhancement might be gained.

Local histories, folk tales and stories, and campfire tales will be attempted. The pre-settlement people may be of interests is some areas and some attention given to them, particularly as they relate to the forests. Relations with artifacts, finding and predicting ancient human-use sites, using and publishing GIS maps, and writing about ecological relations are all in one line of likely work (following the work of Seth Diamond).

Working within System Central there are no additional costs

Estimated average annual profits are $10,000

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