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Prospectors is a for-profit enterprise within Lasting Forests, the Nature Folks unit.. As in other enterprises, relations are as important as the specific work of the enterprise. It attempts to relate to all aspects of people's great interests in mining, geology, geomorphology, rocks, soil, and minerals. The organization sponsors "prospecting trips" as a primary activity but it has a diverse set of tactics all aimed at improved, comprehensive resource management with an emphasis in the diverse realms of geology. The work will be changing, but in the first years, the tasks will be:

The activities, services, and products of the Prospectors are:

  1. Travel agent services for local field trips and international tours
  2. Field trips
  3. Newsletter
  4. Research
  5. Photo opportunities
  6. Mineral collecting and displays of local, regional materials
  7. Mining and mineral-resource-based ecotourism (see Tours Group)
  8. Promoting the Virginia coalfield
  9. Promoting responsible mineral collecting and prospecting
  10. Sale of prospecting equipment (panning, hammers, display cases)
  11. Publications on geological strata, maps, historical geology and ecology including computer maps of select areas
  12. Publications on mining history
  13. Art sales (painting, sculpture, photographs)
  14. Tours into mines and caves
  15. Trips to locate abandoned mines and to study their influences
  16. Web-page interactions for members with emphasis on rocks and minerals and on geological mapping (advertising support)
  17. Interaction with the Wildland Knowledge Base (contacts for services)
  18. Sale of mined-land reclamation services
  19. Foundation support and memorials (Memorials)
Working with others within Nature Folks, people within this group tend to emphasize the soil and geological elements of the ecosystem. Gold is still found is some parts of Virginia. Tours are readily created with a mine as a destination, and then ancillary activities can be included to create desirable tourism conditions...both into the Roanoke area and within it for the tour-creating tour-enhancing enterprise.

Estimated development cost.....$30,000
Estimated profits (5-years).....$50,000

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