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The Products Group

Some of the enterprises have beautiful products, interesting things to sell that can add profits and reduce the costs of achieving the objectives of the Lasting Forests. Not seeking massive international sales, only a contribution of profits so that a progressive, learning, improving system can be developed, the Products Group works with the total system. Not trying for "blue-chip" returns, the Group seeks reasonable returns but emphasizes large sales and very satisfied customers and low prices. The intent is to have people return or to encourage others to return. If they do not, then some of the objectives of Lasting Forests cannot be achieved. Products and crafts can enhance the overall experience and allow many benefits to be recalled and re-appreciated for many years. The good souvenir is one of the objectives...practical, useful, beautiful things...not roadside junk. Superior equipment and supplies will enhance the experiences on the lands and waters.

Baits as one of the products of The Fishery and pelts as a product of The Deer Group are examples of items marketed and sold by The Products Group.

Sourdough "starts" of three sources or flavors are suggested as one product.

Computer optimized (price, quality,bird-specific) bird food mixes are packaged and delivered along with bird houses, feeders, and watering devices.

The Lasting Forest Lumps is a special hard cookie for hikers, anglers, and everyone (especially school lunches). A specialty box is also produced.

A unique walking stick has been designed. It has over 30 uses by people in the wildlands.

A substance useful in monitoring rates of decomposition in forests is to be sold. It has use for ecology classes and a variety of other monitoring uses.

A Soil Texture Solution for rapid analyses in the field of soil texture components (sand, silt and clay).

Flags that are likely to be prominent over the area are sold.

A square piece of material for attaching to a person's back (the Big Bandana) is sold for assisting in shrubland vegetation and big game habitat surveys. Other bandanas are sold.

A colorful autumn leaf-pickup cloth is available.

Specialized outrigger fences are made available.

Windeys, cloth devices used to aggregate the effects of wind in an area are made available.

"Lasting Forests" drums, drumming log devices for ruffed grouse.

GPSlips are packets of bright yellow tags used to mark places where grouse (and other animlas are observed. Later the tags are recovered and the GPS location recorded for GIS and habitat analyses.(Giles- April, 2000)

A pin pounder is developed, a pneumatic device for rapidly pounding in wooden or plastic stakes for soil stabilization, strip mine soil reclamation and highway bank stabilization.

Plastic stakes for naming and supporting garden flowers.

Computer software is sold. Opportunities for product development and sales exist with the woodchuck festival and include software for computer cages. The same building where these items are sold may include sale of permits, licenses, and entrance to the Avi courses and other events.

Books, poems, art, and framed photographs and computer maps are offered. These are produced by several groups and include those recommended for reading that support the objectives of the System. Web site access may also be purchased and product advertising may gain some fees. A special award or recognition option is available. An e-chapbook for poents makes little money but increases the relevant audience, product loyalties, and may offer sales of various types. It opens an opportunity for regional profitable poetry conferences and readings.

Many products are sold through the Gardens.

Hunting gear, fishing gear, hiking gear, tested outdoor clothing and equipment, and a limited variety of superior working clothing may be offered.

Of course everyone (at least for the time of the fad) wants to wear colorful tee-shirts. Special designs for high quality shirts will speak to the total concept of conservation, long-term use, and rational use of resources and appreciation for the wildlands. These, of course, are an excellent advertising medium for the Forests.

Course material for sale can be seen in Essentials of Modern Wildlife Resource Management and ideas related to it.

Other crafts that are unique to the area will be explored. A small factory for producing signs, bird houses and feeders, and art objects from local, Certified Forest rough-cut and solar-cured woods will be created. Set-up and maintenance services for these feeders and houses (later bird baths and yard lighting), including supplying quality bird seed, need to be considered.

Estimated Costs of Development.....$50,000

Estimated Annual Profits.........$150,000

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