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I hope that you will consider joining in our efforts to create and maintain Lasting Forests. I would like to meet with you personally to discuss options and ways that we might work together. There is no one way; no canned procedure. The concepts are too new. The opportunities limited. Please consider passing along information about Lasting Forests and the potentials for the future to your colleagues and associates.

I need a type of venture capital to help us get started at a scale that will assure success. Perhaps a small group can provide the funds at minimum individual risks. I have resources from past work, commitments of about $300,000 in "sweat equity", a quarter-million dollar library, and ready access to the vast resources of the Virginia Tech library and community.

I am affiliated with Foresters, Inc., producers of world-class software for timber surveys (Two-Dog, advertised nationally), global positioning satellite technology, and GPS units. I am also affiliated with the Fish and Wildlife Information Exchange of Virginia Tech to provide cutting-edge computer maps and related data.

I believe that select people will see their role in one or more of the units (the enterprises) and will risk time and effort to help get the unit that they may benefit personally in the financial gains and other successes of such work. Gratuitous consulting now may result in bonuses and rewards later as the Forests become profitable. Assistance will not only be remembered but rewarded.

I believe that graduate students have created software that can fit seamlessly and profitably into one or more of the units. Such programs should not languish on the shelves of libraries.

Of course there is field work ahead and small teams will form to assist in direct land management. Perhaps there are leadership roles for some people.

I admit to not knowing how Lasting Forests will emerge. I have discussed it becomming a not-for-profit organization with a few people. There are some advantages but the for-profit format still seems most appropriate. I remain willing to evaluate this alternative further. Despair is a wall around past disappointments. I continue to work on the design, knowledge base, and software for it (most of it is displayed within this web site so that it is unlikely to be completely lost when I pass (I'm 66 in '99).) I am convinced that Lasting Forests will exist and succeed, handsomely, some day. The sooner the better for resources and the ways for them to be managed. Within Lasting Forests, management will be better than at present on most public and private lands.

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