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Lasting Forests is the name of this web site but it is also the name of an important concept and a design for a new wildland and rural enterprise.

What is the Lasting Forests?

This web site and its proposed management group provide access to and background for all of more than 30 units of Lasting Forests. The objective of the web site is to provide insights into a design for an alternative to tax-based, agency-conducted, out-dated concept of wildland management.

You will be impressed, I believe, and your imagination stirred by the proposed interplay of many small to large enterprises proposed for the total entrepreneurial system called Lasting Forests.

Lasting Forests
New Dimensions in
Natural Resource Development and Management
  ... Based in years of wildland research
... grounded in systems theory
... operating, while private, in the public interest

Lasting Forests demonstrates a new paradigm in wildland management, one which holds that a total natural resource system, if managed very well for profit, can be sustained and made profitable into perpetuity. My working premise is that only a profit motive (or self-sustaining financial motive) for a complex, modern, private enterprise can assure such superior management.

Lasting Forests is beginning to take form to improve the way that related natural resources, particularly forests, wildlife, the fishery, and rangelands are managed, protected, developed, and used now and for the future. It is both site-specific (the forest stand or ownership) and regional in its work.

The total enterprise is being proposed. It has not been implemented. Often it is described as if it exists. The material with which you now work is a personal web site that may one day expand and be expressive of and serve the total enterprise. Until then, and perhaps afterwards, it can be a means for us to communicate. A sample invitation is available. I'll try to help you gain information about and services for improving the way that rural and wildland can be well managed over the longrun for the people of a Virginia and perhaps elsewhere.

Intensive use of computers to improve land use decisions does not mean that there is no one on the other end of this electronic message. Just write to me anytime:

There are plenty of things that future staff of Lasting Forests now "Rural System" can do for you. I continue to develop a modern systems approach to sophisticated management. Parts of the enterprise are not yet developed. Some exist only as a design document; a few are operational. I encourage you to read about Lasting Forests. Then I hope that you will participate in developing the total system. It is good work for the right reasons with success measured, in part, by profits over the longrun within an enterprise. I believe that almost anyone can make substantial gains with us. You are invited to take a look at the number of units and the scope of the enterprise and participate in one or more of them.

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