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a tour-related activity of The Deer Group and The Tours Group

There are 17 general areas containing 37 species of living "cervids" (which is one of the families of the even-toed ungulates). We provide a tour to the areas in which each species lives. Unique trips are provided to allow you to observe or photograph each deer in the wild. Of course seeing a deer requires skill and knowledge of the area and we have arranged for superior guides, but "guaranteeing" seeing an animals is not possible (any more than that guaranteeing a hunter that he or she will take a trophy buck is possible).

We provide opportunities at 20 sites where may be observed 30 subspecies of the deer in North America and Central America. These are uniquely selected so that working out from a station two or more species may be observed during a single trip.

There are no known people (1999) the have seen in their lifetime, all of the known species of cervids, in the wild, none who have seen all of the subspecies.

The Deer Group, as part of its newsletter, reports leading participants in the international competition for people seeking to maximize their count. Building their deer "life list", similar to those kept by serious bird watchers, is viewed as a major goal by hundreds of people. It is a highly select group. We fully expect that seeking another elusive deer to add to the list will become equivalent to the challenge that some hunters seek in taking one of each species of big horn sheep. Seeing, photographing, or legally taking each deer counts as a score.

Seeing at least 4 species of cervids is one of the requirements to reach the upper levels of membership in The Deer Group. Seeing at least 5 subspecies of the white-tailed deer is also part of advanced leadership.

This is a specialized tour within the 2 units of Lasting Forests and suggests the designed relationships.

Estimated development cost....$20,000

Estimated annual profits.....$30,000

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