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The Big Bandana

The air was so sweet ... it seemed to come in soft bandanas ...
Jack Kerouac, "On the Road"

We have for you a big blaze-orange bandana with a computer-produced pattern on it. It is no 14 x 14-inch hankie but a neckerchief-sized thing for the outdoors person. It only costs $x.xx. It can be used for everything a bandana has ever been used for, but this one can be used ...
Let us deliver Big Bandannas to all of your club members, everyone at the conference, etc.

Leave one as a gift after you make the next marketing call.

Use them as awards for winning scores for people who play the Lasting Forests Wildlife Knowledge game at our web site.

We'll imprint your name, special meeting name and date, or logo in one corner at low cost.

88 percent of all sale profits goes into building Rural System.

Send us an order for 1 or 1000. You'll be very glad to have these wonderful, useful, soft bandannas. They last for many years with reasonable use. (Also send us your stories ofunreasonable use.)

Enjoy our website and your Big Bandanna.

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