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Gamma Theory

Modern Wild Faunal Resource Management

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Faunal Life Group Management

A life group is a species or any taxon but it is usually a sub-group of a population requiring significantly different management efforts.


There are greater differences between many life groups than between genera.


Most actions effect many species or life groups:

Projects Life Groups Effect on Groups
  1 2 3 Sum
1 1 0 1 2
2 0 0 1 1
3 1 0 1 2

The effect of Project #3 is on Life Group #3 but also on Group #1.

Using relative numbers can allow a summation across the row to pick the best action. Here 1 and 3 are tied for "best" since both have a score of 2. The method is most appropriate for rough 50-life-group work; with many groups, ties will be rare.

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