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The Pivotal Project
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The Pivotal Project is a vision and the practical means for The Crows Nest Trust to examine, evaluate, and eventually present a group of options ...

The Project provides an overview, then the Pivotal Strategy, which attempts to address:

Fredricksburg is in the lower left; the specific area in near Accokeek Creek, right center of the peninsula

As part of The Pivotal Strategy there is a group of ideas about a set of small enterprises which, if worked together, can improve and manage one special tract of land, then other lands, and provide financial benefits to the people of Stafford County and the region. The work there, modern, sophisticated computer assisted natural resource management, may then flow into the region and state.

As part of The Pivotal Strategy there is also a concept of Pivotal Tracts, private lands under intensive management providing for owners yearly financial gains and contributing to the quality of the environment of the county and its surroundings. The Crows Nest Area, when acquired, would be the first such tract.

The proposed system results in a cost effective means to acquire, protect, and preserve a valuable, complex natural resource area with its rare components within the context of current and developing enterprises

There is a single Table of Contents for the Project and this web site.

There are notes on the county and the area.

The tetrahedron
symbolizes an active system, working out
from a starting point
Getting Started gives a few ideas and suggestions for a practical start to the project which can become the means for achieving the above objectives.

There are links to potentially-related organizations and groups.

There's an Ideas page and readers are invited to send in solid ideas and comments on the topic of this web site. The major ones will be posted.

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