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The Pivotal Project
developing opportunities within Craig County, Virginia
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Welcome to the homesite of
the Pivotal Project !


The western counties of Virginia
The Project starts with a vision of significantly improved natural resource management for people and finds a pleasant, cost-effective, modern means to achieve that vision. It clears up objectives, designs a system, and implements it - a new, private, diverse business conglomerate. Starting in the County, the entrepreneurial system expands in the state and worldwide. Within 6 years (from 2002) it is providing financial gains to the County, citizens, and staff along with an improved quality of life.

Not a county organization,
it works in the county, for the county
Today, August, 2002, there is no project, no action. It is only a proposal, a concept for use by many people. This website lays it out for all to see. Hopefully, people will be creative, make adjustments and corrections, and communicate for making improvements, additions, and later successes.

The Project creates a not-for-profit entity, an enterprise system, a conglomerate temporarily called Pivotal-Rig, Inc.. There are more than 50 enterprises described, all that can be working together. After selecting, probably 40 will remain, half indoor based, half outdoor based. There will be new ideas and amendments in a profitable system for the people of the county and the region. Some businesses that are already in existence will want to affiliate.

This web site contains three major parts ...

Several people have said that the idea is "hard to wrap your mind around it." Call me, write, or let's visit personally or in a group; I'll try to clarify, answer questions, and make suggestions. I'm eager to sound very positive, but I need help to clear the path and to make The Project succeed.

Robert H. Giles, Jr.
It is good to be skeptical. There are comments available about me and a list of my past work. I developed this website freely for the citizens of Craig County. The Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech has provided storage space for it. I'm a retired professor of natural resource management at Tech and I am not seeking financial gains, only to see this concept of entrepreneurial conservation (for which I and other tax payers have already paid well) brought into practice for
my children and grandchildren ... and all of us.

The title suggests an essential central or anchor point for a spreading action program, a solid set up, a start for doing good work over a broad area. The title will probably become an Internet address.Place pointer
on the symbol

I hope that you will find the rest of the site
and the ideas there interesting and useful to you.
Please link to either of these two main parts.


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