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May I request that you become involved in a private, voluntary, un-funded effort to expand (or condense as appropriate), and improve the R* Glossary? I hope that you will do so. Just send me an Email note about a word or words (no more than 3 or one single word group) on which you are willing to work. This is not a program to trace the history of the use of words or expressions but to clarify the best current definition for a particular word or phrase. Clarifying the words may enable students and others to spend less time discussing such words and their meaning and spend more time and creative efforts on solving the problems to which the words relate.

I'll edit and develop further this document file as far as possible. People who want to work on the same word(s) will get a chance to review and edit -- in the sequence in which they volunteered. With hundreds of volunteers each working on only a few words, this essential knowledge resource can be improved and made to serve the large and diverse field of rural and wildland management. If you desire, I'll add your name to the word(s) on which you have worked and it will remain in the glossary.

Robert H. Giles, Jr.

I hope that you will join the Insider's Group. Please enter your name and Email address and the word or words on which you want to work...add, revise, edit, etc.




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