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Q Factor
A term used in singletree selection to describe the distribution of size classes. This is expressed in terms of the ratio q between numbers of trees in successive 2-inch diameter classes. For example, a q of 1.5 means that there are 1.5 times as many 10-inch trees as there are 12-inch trees; 1.5 times as many 12-inch trees as there are 14-inch trees. The lower the q ratio, the more large trees there are in proportion to small trees.
Qualified Data Records
Those data records that satisfy an entire conditional clause.
Quality of Life (QOL)
A measure of the degree to which a society offers individuals effective opportunities to enjoy the "good life". It is an expression of the harmony between individual and cultural value systems and the opportunity for their realization. The components of the "good life" are a combination of goods and services available in a total environment, one that is physical, social, and cultural. Their precise composition is a matter of personal judgement about which widely differing opinions are held. The "quality of life", therefore, is a subjective concept. It may, however, be that, for a particular community, a reasonable consensus could be found about a range of choice of goods and services and about the qualities of the environment that should be offered. Giles argued that when a well-specified set of objectives is approximately achieved, then a high quality of life exists. Thus, QOL is an expression of the degree of achievement of objectives.
A set of questions for obtaining useful information about or from a person or group.

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