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Jackson Turbidity Unit (JTU)
Standard units for measurement of turbidity based on diffusion of light passed through a water sample.
Seedling or sapling root planted in a manner that forms a J or L configuration in the planting slit. Such plants may grow poorly and die.
Just Compensation
The value of property taken for public use, a comprehensive term that includes all elements; but does not exceed market value. It is the value of property at the time of taking plus compensation for delay in payment, if appropriate, plus damages to the owner for value of use of property from date of taking possession to date of judgment if possession is taken by condemnation prior to judgment.
Juxtaposition Principle
Often associated with interspersion of wildlife habitat units and the edges of such units, this is the expression of the relative value to a species of two types being adjacent. It expresses the difference to a local population of a named species of wild animals , for example, of a corn field being adjacent to a wheat field vs. a cornfield being adjacent to a fallow field.

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