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Throughout Guidance and elsewhere within Lasting Forests we have resisted using abbreviations in order to increase clarity and convenience for the many users of the system with extremely different interests and backgrounds. We have used some and will add to others as the system changes. The following list is intended to provide consistency and to aid in communicating among the many areas of resource management, land use planning, and environmental analyses.

AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
API American Petroleum Institute
ARPP Annual Review of Portfolio Performance
ASAL Agriculture Sector Adjustment Loan
ASQ Allowable Sale Quantity
ASQ Allowable Sale Quantity
ATV All-Terrain Vehicle
BA Beneficiary Assessment
BAST Best Available and Safest Technologies
BLM Bureau of Land Management
BMPs Best Management Practices
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BOP Blowout Preventer
BP Before Present
BP Bank Procedure
BPT Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available
BPT Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available
CAA Clean Atlantic Associates
CAS Country Assistance Strategy
CDB Caribbean Development Bank
CEM Country Economic Memoranda
CEQ Council on Environmental Quality
CETAP Cetacean and Turtle Assessment Program
CFC Chloroflourocarbon
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CQST Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test
CVA Certified Verification Agent
CZM Coastal Zone Management
DAC Development Assistance Committee
DBH Diameter, Breast Height (4.5 feet)
DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DES Draft Environmental Statement
H* an index for defining an ancient forest
MB/YR thousand barrels per year
MCF thousand cubic feet
MCF/D thousand cubic feet per day
MGD thousand gallons per day
mi mile
mm millimeters
MMCF million cubic feet
MMCF/YR million cubic feet per year
NRCS Natural Resource Conservation Service (formerly Soil Conservation Service)
nmi nautical mile
ORV off-road vehicle
ppb parts per billion
ppm parts per million
psi pounds per square inch
R the land use system score for actual or likely conditions
R* the land use system score for the desired condition, one meeting the objectives
sec second
ug/g micrograms per gram
ug/l micrograms per liter
ul/l microliters per liter
USFS United States Forest Service

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