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Index and an Open Letter To Everyone Interested in the Deer Resource

I am convinced that you will like Antler Points so much that you will start checking this web site for its updates and new items. This is a creative site about all aspects of the modern white-tailed deer resource and things related to it. It is not newsy. Antler Points is a special venture in easy-to-read, practical information about the deer resource. Even though public extension activities have been reduced, the needs for information have not decreased. In fact, they have increased. Antler Points is a response to this new pressing need. Its contents are located somewhere between "bat houses and butterflies" the politically safe pap of the state wildlife agency, and "huntin and fishin" tales. It harvests the knowledge gained from years of research at a cost of millions of dollars and presents a synthesis of it for busy readers.

Some of the information is published by Whitetail Times, editor Mr. Dennis Quaiff. You are encouraged to subscribe to that magazine. Click here to see the Contents of Antler Points or continue to read.

This part of the Web site is a personal effort. I have spent most of my life observing, working with deer, and working with graduate students on deer-related projects. I have been a hunter, a state game biologist, a land owner with pest deer, a professor of big game management (University of Idaho), and a professor at Virginia Tech for 30 years. I want to bring to you my work and thoughts (and that of others) about the deer resource. By "resource" I mean more than the animal to be hunted. In the wild, the deer resource can produce enormous benefits of many kinds, many more secondary than primary benefits. Net returns is what Antler Points is about, not only benefits, but also the direct and associated costs, all from the direct and indirect components of the resource.

Antler Points is about comprehensive resource management after the public agency has successfully brought the deer back from near extinction. It is about resource management in a new era of major agency cutbacks, reorganization, uncertainty, and staff fear. Partially a step toward privatization, which seems to be something a majority of people want today (but few can describe), Antler Points suggests the potentials in resource management for the agency as well as the entrepreneur and thoughtful outdoor person.

"Everything is connected" is the mantra of ecologists and Antler Points confirms this. This is a web site about the deer and many things from the perspective of the deer and people interested in it. If "everything in the world is interrelated," as some people claim, then everything is related to the deer. Authors work on the idea of relations and share the pleasures of seeing and understanding these relations. It is a test of an idea that the world can be seen from the vantage-point of the deer. It contributes information, ideas, suggestions, new analyses, and insights. It describes new systems, makes available software (which can be downloaded), and reports on successes with techniques that have been tried. Critical of ecosystem management, it promotes a comprehensive benefit-production system for public as well as private land management, often with a profit motive, always with high accountability and cost effectiveness.

I hope you will be a frequent user of Antler Points and that we may correspond. Just click here to start a message.

The planned content includes:

an editorial (called by some a "rant" and occasional articles on antler growth, development, and measurement.

The average hunter is one of the people for whom the papers are written. For some people it will answer:

It does not duplicate the several hunting magazines on the newsstands. Not tales of hunting or how to hunt, the emphasis is on the deer, the resource, useful information to understand, manage, control it, and estimate its future. It is a voice for improved resource management ... defined more broadly than many people are willing to accept.

BuckMasters may be of interest.

The site provides information about the other activities of the planned new enterprise, the Deer Group of Lasting Forests, a private, for-profit deer resource company. Some advertising is included, but mostly that about conferences, field events, computer software, and tours. The internet provides access to all notes, supplementary information, pictures, glossary, access to relevant university courses at Virginia Tech, access to local data on hunting success and opportunity, and recreational opportunities. Hunt club and related liability insurance is suggested (e.g., Va Deer Hunters Assoc., P.O. Box 34746, Richmond, VA 23234-0746).

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