The Future Airport Acres Neighborhood
Year 2001

a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan of
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History: Neighborhood Notes

Rose Avenue Reunion in Tampa: 1999

by Anne Giles Rimbey

Formerly of 504 Rose Avenue

For a few years when I was in my early teens, I would ride with my across-the-street-neighbor, Mrs. Betty Jo Everett, to Roanoke to Fink's Jewelry's annual sale. Both of us would save our money for a year and then splurge on a half-priced sparkler. Mrs. Everett tried on diamond clusters and I peered at garnets and peridots. We ate lunch at a cafeteria, admired our rings, and talked about people we knew, about swimming at Shawnee Swim Club, and listed what we liked to eat. I felt very grown-up and important to be considered a companion worth driving with all the way to and from Roanoke.

When I got a call in April from Mrs. Everett saying she was visiting her brother and sister-in-law near where I now live in Tampa, I knew exactly what we would do together. The only difference thirty years later was I would do the driving!

Good friends begin where they left off even when they're separated by age, time or distance. Mrs. Everett and I embraced happily and started talking from the moment we saw each other. Over gourmet quesadillas - a food unknown to Airport Acres in the early 70s - we talked about, well, people we knew, swimming, and what we like to eat. She recognized and admired the ring I wore, one we had bought together. At the mall, we said, "There's a jewelry store!", but didn't go in. With old friendships, there is room for new ways. We shopped for T-shirts for her grandchildren, blouses for us, and accessories for her remodeled bathroom. I loved the warm pleasure we took in each other's company. I loved taking her where she wanted to go.

I wave at my neighbors in Tampa, but we rarely speak. I am the age Mrs. Everett was when she took her awkward, teenaged, across-the-street neighbor on special shopping trips to the big city. I have no idea whether or not I have a love of jewelry or books or anything else in common with my neighbors. It's not that kind of place. But Airport Acres is a place where friendships between people of all ages have a chance. Mrs. Everett had three teenaged boys and a little girl and still made room in her heart for me. She enriched my childhood and, now, enriches my adulthood. What a gift my neighbor Mrs. Everett has given me.

Anne Giles returned to Blacksburg in 2006.

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