The Future Airport Acres Neighborhood
Year 2001

a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan of
Blacksburg, Virginia


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Health Objective - Treatable Diseases (24?)

The objective is To maximize allocation of resources toward treating diseases for which the probable differences in the patient between treatment and non-treatment are greatest.

This objective is primarily within the health subsystem and most relevant to Town or regional public health community interests and involvement. It is complex, but so too are many decisions about allocating limited resources for health. This objective exists within the context of the other health objectives ... and the other objectives of the community. There are some diseases that require vast sums of money and only slight improvements can be made in the patient. Given limited public funds, this objective steers decision makers into treatments that make the greatest change per unit of investment. It needs to be balanced (as is the objective of having a system for dealing with many weighted objectives) with the importance of the disease or trauma. Some are life threatening; others not life threatening but subject to great change even with little treatment.

Perhaps a performance measure such as the percentage of total health resources spent on highly-treatable, highly-responsive diseases (D#) will suffice.

Achieving the objective might be seen (or planned) in:

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