The Vision

The vision for the spaces and people once called "farms" is that Rural System embracing and developing the new enterprise environment, will have great success in improving the social, economic, and environmental health of the region and thus can allow the enterprise and all that it promotes and supports to become more effective and expand. It invests in private land to enhance their productivity. Thus, similar influences can be transferred, years later, throughout Virginia, then internationally. The work will be recognized as the product of a special paradigm in comprehensive rural resource management, motivated primarily by well-gained stable profits resulting in a notable reformation in operations within rural areas. As such, Rural System will become a profitable modern cooperative operating well past this century, given its 150-year planning horizon sliding forward annually. It will be a dynamic departure form the present, lasting in the rural world with decent work and stable, high-variety, intensively-managed natural resources for people.

Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October, 2009; June, 2013