Rural System's E-Book

Rural System? Just Dreaming …
A For-Profit Conglomerate for Meaningful Jobs
Healthful Communities and
Improved Natural Resource Management ©

by Robert H. Giles, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
November, 2007

An e-book about a retired professor's dream, one about a large diverse conservation and environmental conglomerate that works to improve conditions in stressed rural areas like the Virginia coalfield (then elsewhere in the world). Using past research results, a systems approach, high technology, and modern management, the enterprise works to provide employment, stabilize communities, and improve natural resource management. Sustaining profits is the quest, and Bob incorporates how that can be done on private lands within 80 small businesses all working together. Part 1 explains the principles and practices and Part 2 describes in chapters many of the parts of the system as if they had been created.

The book (about 500 pages - as desired, copy the chapters at your printer) is freely given by the author. It works to make profit in order to do "good." The cause is right. There is an emergency afoot in rural areas and there is no extra time to waste on sophisticated publishing processes and separate small-business failures. The concepts of the book need to "get out there," be discussed, alternatives imagined and critiqued, and a way found to get started for the good of people, their communities, and natural resources upon which we all depend.

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