Rural System's e-Book

Rural System? Just Dreaming …
A For-Profit Conglomerate for Meaningful Jobs
Healthful Communities
and Improved Natural Resource Management ©

by Robert H. Giles, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Table of Contents

Part 1- What was behind creating the system
1. The Origins and a Sketch
2. A Few Stories
3. Designing an Alternative
4. Design and Rationally Robust Work
5. Knowing What to Do
6. Using a Systems Approach
7. Objectives: Bounded Profit and a High Q*
8. Lasting?, . Sustainable…?, Sustained?
9. Quality of Human Life
10. The Groups by Sectors
11. Centering and Q Works
12. The Working Platform
13. Soils of the Working Platform
14. The Land Force
15. Processes Within the System
16. Managing the Whole Rural Resource: Ecosystem Management?
17. Marketing

Part 2 -Parts of the system as it might have been
18. Ranging
19. The Trevey, a Dynamic Planning System
20. A Beef Cattle System
21. The Crescent Crew, Working for Water
22. Just Fish
23. For the Birds, Official Avi
24. Bushes and Berries: Small Scale Groups
25. The Realtor Group
26. Fox Tracks and Covey Flushes
27. The Forest Group
28. Fire Force
29. The Arborist
30. The Products Group
31. The Counterintuitive
Literature Cited
Appendix: The Rural System Underlayment:
Decent Work, Decent Lives and the Elevator Speech

What's New and Special and Vision

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