Rural System's E-Book

Rural System? Just Dreaming …
A For-Profit Conglomerate for Meaningful Jobs
Healthful Communities
and Improved Natural Resource Management ©

by Robert H. Giles, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia


On this page I'll share progress toward Rural System as well as general notes and comments.

I'm indebted to the Conservation Management Institute of Virginia Tech for sharing with me server space.

I'm encouraged by comments of the New River Land Trust personnel. Areas under their protection may some day gain management for improvement and stabilization.

Colleagues expressing interest and giving advice.

Bhaskar Sen, West Bengal, India, works with us from Dalian Jiaotong University, Peoples Republic of China


Conversations with participant of Roanoke Economic Development Patrnership.

Attended Land Care conference, Va Tech, October 1-3.2007

Conversation with Mr. Craig Barbrow, Rural Business Specialist, USDA Rural Development, Wytheville, Va, Oct 23, 2007

Completed second reference check October 27, 2007

Last entry to this page October 27, 2007 ...

Brief notes: April 7, 2012: Work continues April, 1010- Presentastion to Angel investors, Va Tech; Presentstion to Va. Tourism, 2011, Major computer host changes; acquisition of Birdgolf Doamin; funded project for Completion of RRx, 2011-2012; part-time office employee: Casey Setash; attended conference on energy effective buildings, Blacksburg; Increase in advisors; lecture to Bird Club in Lynchburg;correspondence with potential associates in Blacksburg and Pearisburg; part-time editor hired; Harrisonburg conference on energy effective communities; conference on insurance required for agri-tourism; discussion with Appalachian Trail staff, 2012, discussions with USFS, 2012; discussions with artist and toys "around" example, associates. Computer assistant hired, 1-hour per week, 4-2012;

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