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Rural Urticles (an invented word; from YoUR aRticles) is an electronic publication service. It is a place for the work of people who are as conscientious about preserving knowledge and ideas as they are about preserving trees and animals. It is for people who hate wasting human scholarly working time as much as wasting electricity and paper. It is for people who count the total taxpayer and family costs of field studies, see few benefits, and do not want either costs or benefits lost in files, stored at high cost, or discarded due to personal or agency moves around the world and file-cleaning by uninformed or unaided assistants.

It is a new home for notes, letters, photographs, film clips, and papers of people changing areas, changing jobs, or retiring. It's for papers of families of the deceased who "never quite got it (the life's work paper) refined enough to submit to a journal;" papers that have been accepted by two editors but not the third one, or for that paper not published when an editor changes and the process must be repeated under new policy.

Urticles is for Master's degree theses (at least a useful abstract) that were really good, never published or even reported, but now lost and dated … but still really good. It is a place for the work of the walking wounded who appreciate the work of qualified editors, and who welcome advice and assistance from reviewers, but who limp from the insults, snobbery, local biases, and narrowness of ever-changing editors, some who have not "read the minutes of the last meeting" or ventured past the ivy walls.

It's a new paperless place for the writings of the far-seeing prognosticators who know likely futures and their consequences and have no place "to present," even if they are willing to take the risks of such presentations. This may be an outlet for those who, even if they can afford it, can rarely find a place to publish in increasingly specialized journals. Rural Urticles will be funded by modest writers' fees, advertising, donations, and memorials.

It is a place for unfunded research proposals … so that you can say in patent litigation " I had the idea first" and give the date. (It seems that some ideas in proposals have never been funded but some how show up elsewhere in full-scale funded projects.)

It provides to subscribers access to papers and topics that are (or sound like) one that has already been printed (with permission), that has probably never been read by more than a dozen people, and that has important ideas that need widespread exposure. It may be just an element of a personal "FU strategy" to conflict-resolution such as between those making unrelenting claims that "we need to gain widespread education of the public" (with little evidence of it working over two centuries) and self-serving editors saying "never publish an idea twice."

We're not in competition in any way with the Journal Of Half-Baked Ideas. Publish if you can; that's best. We're not competing. We're trying to get our and your good ideas and work (fully, or easily-judged partially-baked) out of the oven for the good of us all.

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