Rural System's


The Sculptors

Toward art at home and abroad ...


1.Patronize The Sculptors.
2. Encourage participants.
3. Assist that Group in supplying for them noteworthy woods, clays, and stone.

Information and Diagnostics

Throughout the eastern US, there are many wood-carving clubs. Thousands of people are "whittlers" but many have full-time professions as wood carvers, adorning churches, galleries, and public places. Many carve birds. Some carve and mold yard ornaments. Some work on duck decoys. Increasingly, wood carvers see themselves as sculptors using the medium of wood.
scanned from Chip-Chats Magazine,48(5):4, 2001
Herons, by Robert W. Toye,
Des Moines, Iowa, 15 x 8 x 7 inches

Rural System is creating an organization, The Sculptors, that will work to sponsor clubs, to give seminars, to publish a blog with suggestions and a web site, to conduct one or more schools within The Camps Group within the region, to sell quality solar-seasoned wood extracted from the Rural System Enterprise Environments, to encourage hobby carving, to provide suggested patterns for work, to assemble carvers for large projects, and to conduct high-quality, family-oriented carving schools such as conducted in Austria.

Exchange schools and shows (e.g., with Florida affiliates) may be conducted as assisted by The Tours Group.

Lathe workers may produce specialty items such as bowls, or others may develop boxes such as the one that recently advertised (2005)
This holiday season, why not give a gift deserving admiration and astonishment?
Family and friends will speak of your gift throughout the night, compliments and thanks will fly in your direction the entire evening, and the dinner's hosts will remain thinking of you for years to come.

A gift such as this could be none other than the one-of-a-kind hand-carved heart boxes created in only one place on earth, the small rural city of Tomsk, located in Siberia. The Siberian White Birch produces a light colored and soft wood that gives craftsmen the ability to hand-carve intricate details in these ornaments and create works of art that are smooth to the touch and extraordinarily functional.

Leave your closest relatives and friends with an eminent impression, for these attention-grabbing gift boxes are truly different from anything they have ever seen, not to mention absolutely beautiful!

Preliminary contacts with a wood carver have been made with Mr. Ed Merkel, 517 Craig Avenue. Lake City Florida, 32025. His help is appreciated as well as is the advice of Mr. W. Gaines Burnette, Atlanta, Georgia.


Later, contacts with artists working in media will be made.

A Sample Newspaper Advertisement/Announcement...

Open door..

An invitation to all Woodcarvers and Sculptors in other media,
mostly near to Blacksburg, Virginia ...
Amateur ...?

We're forming a new Group, an enterprise within Rural System, Inc.

  • Sales opportunities, new markets and outlets
  • Economies
  • Increased profits
  • Contacts
  • Gallery and Shows
  • Lessons and New Techniques
  • Wood from Certified Forests
  • Contests
  • Deals on tools, equipment, publications, ideas
  • Access to old and new media
  • Y Crafts-fair advantages

We're meeting twice (In case that you had to miss one) for the same introduction
Date and time____
Date and time ____

Part of the ZZZ Project of Rural System

Affiliation with Virginia Products Marketing Group ???

Perhaps you will share ideas with Rural System staff about some of the topics above.

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