Rural System's

RRx, A Dynamic For-Profit Diagnostic and Prescriptive System for Owners and Managers of Rural Areas

"Double R-x" is a "software" system that can, upon payment, produce a unique book for a land owner or manager. It is a dynamic, modern, sophisticated system for providing unique "guides" to potential enterprises for the lands and waters of private owners. RRx is code for a group of concepts, principles, procedures, hardware, software, marketing, required facilities and equipment, and staff that can help improve rural land-use and resource-related decisions. There are four planned Phases for customers. Only Phase 1 is now available:

  1. Demonstration - A long, diverse list of potentially profitable opportunities is provided to land owners in response to their answers to a brief set of questions about their land and water. Sample GIS only.
  2. Expanded Analyses - 1. GIS analyses are made of an ownership (or prospective ownership) with additions from the Rural System Rural Knowledge Base. 2. Objectives and limitations are clarified. 3. A first-order computer simulation is run.
  3. Refinements - Report from a staff visit to the property including expanded and revised GIS images.
  4. Rural System Itself - Entrance to and participation in the full range of Rural System actions for profitability and improved long-term rural life quality.

RRx is a major part of Rural System, helping increase employment, improve community stability, and improve natural resource management. It's been call "the brain" of Rural System. It develops and presents prescriptions for lasting significant profit incentives for doing this. It is software (and associated systems) that produces reports for land owners in either electronic or hard-copy form. It incorporates the best knowledge available for decision makers based on research and expert experience. It gives actions, the prescriptions, to be taken, based on computer optimization. The system also includes diagnostics such as GIS images and syntheses for specific sites and also provides backups and in-depth field analyses, instructional documents, references, and a glossary.

The computer texts provided are not projects, gardening tricks, or ag-advisories but are well-supported best estimates of broad actions to take to stabilize profits within the context of each owner's objectives, current and likely markets, and a well-functioning ecosystem. The emphasis: enterprises to accompany improved conventional farming. Benefits are maximized and costs and risks are minimized, subject to achieving, legally, an expected income, income that is above-bank-interest-rate-annually for 150 years ("tree-life time,") with computations sliding forward annually. Sensitive to natural community and diversity needs, the system responds to owner's constraints (and others) that are part of the objective. A system is developed for a single ownership but one also within the changing cluster of nearby areas, all under contract within the Rural System conglomerate.

Perhaps you will share ideas with Rural System staff about some of the topics above.

Revisions: November, 2009; November 18, 2010