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    The Rural System Vision

New        A Personal Concept for a
Callahan Creek Initiative

Expanded Resources for Rural System and Related Work

Because people have said to me "just tell me a story about it" I've written a free Internet book about Rural System. It's available with a click on Rural System? Just Dreaming …: A For-Profit Conglomerate for Meaningful Jobs, Healthful Communities, and Improved Natural Resource Management ©. There are many stories there.

I continue writing a small book about the potentials and opportunities of Rural System. I call it Rural Reformation and its draft parts are:


Profits result from wise use of resources. Profits from Rural System are expected to be derived from the benefits derived wisely from rural resources. Resources well used and managed may produce benefits ... over many years. Major benefit headings (SPOVIIIIEMM) are in boldface letters (with comments about each of them).

I started with a Lasting Forests web site but it became almost irrelevant among the needs for a comprehensive approach to the full array of rural problems and opportunities. I plan to move revised elements from that site, www.RuralSystem.com, further. The current units of Lasting Forest, some pulled into other units, are now available for use.

I have plans also for the URL EarthQuilt for its related work has not achieved early expectations for communication and sharing. It may become part of Rural System, an Internet-connected group of human communities being developed to share ideas, encouragement, advice, information and achieve things undreamed bI (before the Internet). EarthQuilt is now an example of one potential enterprise of the Rural System conglomerate. It addresses the concerns of people in small, struggling communities and attempts to relate well to employment, taxation, natural resource, ecotourism, and health issues. It has no church or religious body affiliation.

Dr. William H. Sanders shared ideas about the potentials of a "country-store" symbolism and e-catalog marketing the offerings of Rural System. The first step is now available. All of the Rural System enterprises and their products, services, and benefits may some day be listed here in such an on-line catalog.

Access to Rural System Units

The One-Page Capsule
About Rural System
Useful Links and Contacts,
Species-Specific Management Units - Brief comments on how to manage individual species, usually to gain increased abundance
Rural System and Country Store    Contents (partial)
A Early draft Business Plan for the Rural System conglomerate
Contents: preliminary design documents
Educational Opportunities
Free Books
Peculiar Manor - Natural Resource Essays from a Virginia Mountain Log Cabin by Giles (now available on a CD)
Forest Faunal Systems - Book draft: A Systems Approach to Managing the Large Wild Animals of the Forests
Lasting Forests (Introductions)
Lasting Forests - Main Index
The Units of the Lasting Forests (now also with Rural System) Enterprise
Gamma Theory
Wildlife Law Enforcement Systems
Antler Points - Magazine articles and notes on the deer resource
Species-Specific Management (SSM)
Wilderness and Ancient Forests
Ideas for Development
RRx - A Dynamic Planning System for Rural Areas Emerging from Guidance and The Trevey
Guidance - A Dynamic Planning System for Military and Other Areas
Introduction to RRx (The Trevey under revision)
Airport Acres Neighborhood - 2001 A Plan Supplement to the Blacksburg, Virginia, Comprehensive Plan
Heikkenen - "Water to Wood " and other papers and notes of Prof. Herman J. Heikkenen, Forest Entomologist
Under development Wildlife Law Enforcement Systems - A Book of Readings Supporting the Courses and the design of the Security and Safety Unit of Rural System

The List of Potential Enterprises Groups that Build the Enterprise Environments

The Potential Elements that Build the RRx Diagnostic and Prescriptive System
RRx (at the center), a Dynamic Diagnostic and Prescriptive System for Rural Regions Providing Strategic and Tactical Guidance for Clusters of Landowners

You may see the total list there as well as those listed below. Then see the following parts of the web site now listed in no special order since many relate to several topics ...

The Satpuda Foundation Cooperative relations are being developed with The Satpuda Foundation dealing with the world's largest tiger reserves in central India. You are invited to visit their web site, to contribute to their essential work against poaching and with ecosystem management, and to plan visits to the staff and area. Later, The Tours Group and The Bobcat Group will be able to assist and work with you. from the Satpuda Foundation website with permission

  1. Advisors
  2. Feedforward
  3. Country General Store (Home or Index)
  4. Base Group
  5. The Bottomline
  6. Floats (Poems enterprise)
  7. Contours: Geospatial Information Services of William Card (draft concept)
  8. Country General Store Credo
  9. Geospatial Information Service Examples (draft concept)
  10. The Potentials of GIS (Giles)
  11. The Groups of Rural System
  12. Rural System Health
  13. Homys - the dispersed work force
  14. Information List for the Citizens of Rural System
  15. Rural System's Land Management Complex
  16. Preventing and Controlling Litter
  17. The Pound Initiative (a 2005 Proposal for the town of Pound, Virginia)
  18. The Need: What's Behind Rural System
  19. Ranging: Design Concepts for a Regional Program
  20. Right Rural: The Citizens' Organization
  21. Rural Lives (biography group)
  22. Rural Lives: Sample 1
  23. Rural Lives: Sample 2
  24. Rural Lives: Entry Form
  25. The Tract Owner's Invitation
  26. Rural System Tracts or Enterprise Environments
  27. Preventing and Controlling vandalism
  28. Sample Advertisement
  29. Aquarium Unit
  30. Around from The Toys Group
  31. Bee-Party Kit
  32. Big Bandana
  33. Bland County : Virginia's Bland County Alternative for Visitors and Citizens
  34. Bland County: Getting Started Ideas
  35. Bland County: Trails System Gateway Concepts
  36. Bottom Line Estimates
  37. Business Plan (Early Draft - and Contents)
  38. Brown Bags
  39. A Specialty Crop: The Black-Eyed Pea
  40. Power Places
  41. The Clumper - a leaf pickup system
  42. Suggested Proposal: Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources Proposal for work with Rural System
  43. Community: An Essay by Giles
  44. Competency: The Performance Assurance System
  45. Proposed Credo of Rural System and Decent Work
  46. Guide Book for employees
  47. Education and the Didactron
  48. 'Dis 'nd 'Dat - an education game proposal
  49. Dispersion
  50. Ecorods (or Discs)
  51. The Elderly (Past 60)
  52. The Eras of Faunal Exploitation and Management - An Interactive Unit
  53. Fangs a game under development and the poacher game responses
  54. Faunal Urticles (sic) - a proposed e-journal
  55. Feedback and FAQS
  56. Fire Plan
  57. Flights - an avian system
  58. Good Dog - a hound evaluation procedure
  59. Stills - Favorite Images
  60. Grayson Greatness - a proposal
  61. Grayson Ranging - a proposal and comment to citizen committee
    Comments and recommendations from a citizen for the next revision of the George Washington National Forest Plan (2006) (perceived to have been ignored)
    1. Introduction and Vision
    2. About the website
    3. A System
    4. Appalachian Trail elements of the plan
    5. Biodiversity concerns
    6. Assessing the Challenges of Planning
    7. The Plan
    8. Inquire - a proposed management oriented research unit
    9. Public Involvement
    10. Sustainability
    11. Urban Forestry
    12. References
  62. Villages
  63. Gamma Game
  64. Working in a Wildlife Law Enforcement System - The Poaching E-Book
  65. Resolving Cross-Currents in Modern Wildlife Management
  66. Rural System Health
  67. Hiliya Resort (India)
  68. Hitching UP Book (Proposed)
  69. A Place for Sharing Ideas and Questions and for Prognostics
  70. Sampling Insects (references - See Butterfly Band)
  71. Kudos
  72. Land Management Introduction
  73. Law and Justice Group
  74. Lecture Objectives for staff and others
  75. Litter Control
  76. Malawi (East Africa) Initiative
  77. Developing and Holding Memories: The Memories Groups
  78. Modeling
  79. Mosaic proposal under preparation
  80. Youth Education within The Foundation
    1. NatureSeen
    2. NatureSeen Rules Disclaimer
    3. NatureSeen - About Us
    4. NatureSeen Essays
    5. Memberships
    6. Nature Sights
    7. NatureSeen - How to Report a Sight
    8. NatureSeen Searches
  81. Net Primary Productivity
  82. Objective Evaluator
  83. Partnerships
  84. Pasture Weeds
  85. Pearisburg Potential
  86. Planning Unit
  87. Political Action
  88. Possum Pack
  89. A Letter to the People of Pound, Virginia
  90. Power Place
  91. The Need: What's Behind Rural System
  92. QNexus Proposal
  93. Quality of Life
  94. Ranging Grayson County
  95. Recreation
  96. References
  97. R-Square Speech
  98. RuralLives (set of files)
  99. The Phenology Group - Rural Timing
  100. Service Groups
  101. Settlers
  102. Slice Initiative - the Small Region
  103. Smart Villages
  104. Smyth County Proposal
  105. Software
  106. Speeches
  107. Stories
  108. System Robustness Analysis
  109. Systems Theory
  110. Taut - a Book
  111. Temperature
  112. Topple - a game
  113. Tractor Efficiency
  114. Tract Owners Invitation
  115. Northern Virginia Program Center Initiative
  116. Vandalism
  117. Writers Guide for staff
  118. Zoo Group proposal

Understanding Rural System?

We have been told that understanding Rural System and the major concepts behind it is difficult because of its size, diversity, and complexity. We have nothing yet to "show" someone an ownership that is operating following one of our prescriptions. The prescription system, RRx, is not yet complete.We now develop such a system, largely from well-known pieces and parts. We add to conventional and modern agriculture over 50 new profitable companies.

If you have specific interest in the Rural System, inc. or in any one or more of the 100 sketched enterprises, I shall be glad to correspond about your interest. As an example, if you were a wood carver, we ought to discuss your role or our work together in developing The Sculptors. I am networking; small starts together may achieve the objectives of Rural System.

If you are a landowner, please contact me. I do not yet have resources to get the conglomerate started but I am working on that. Some of the resources here may be helpful to you now.

I also hope that you will be a frequent user of these resources and that we may correspond by email for their improvement. I welcome your feedback to the materials here. Your input will help me continually improve and refine my efforts and make the web site and Rural System useful to others.

Please tell others about the site www.RuralSystem.com.

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